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FCA emissions recall could be a high-cost job

The campaign involves the replacement of catalytic converters, which contain precious metals and can be labor-intensive to detach and replace.

EVs are coming, like it or not

Electric and autonomous vehicles will soon be a reality whether we like it or not, writes an Automotive News reader.

Customers bypass dealerships to finance cars

In the U.S., nearly two-thirds of surveyed customers financed their last vehicle through a dealership. But for their next one, more than half said they would consider financing directly with a bank or online.

For EV startups, all roads lead to Detroit

Electric vehicle manufacturers, looking to follow in Tesla's footsteps, are looking to Detroit for guidance on the time-tested ways to make automobiles.

Guyton to re-establish Mazda's U.S. manufacturing

Jeff Guyton returns to the United States as president of Mazda North American Operations as Mazda rolls out fresh product and targets sales outside sedans.